Membranes, Lipids and Proteins in Organelle Biogenesis – Spetses, Greece 2024


A limited number of grants covering (part of) these expenses will be available thanks to our sponsors.

FEBS YTF grants
You should check whether you are eligible in the guidelines at:
If you would like to apply for support (including the FEBS YTF grant), please send your motivation in the application form in the section “FINANCIAL SUPPORT”.

Selected YTF applicants, will be asked to send documented proof of their eligibility and a recommendation letter from the current or previous supervisor (if applicable) to us by the deadline announced in the award e-mail.


IUPAB grant
The International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB.ORG) will provide 1 or 2 travel grants for applicants from developing countries that are excluded from receiving a FEBS or IUBMB travel grant (as listed here).
Please apply via the ‘Funding Application Form’ before April 1st 2024, which is available here.