Membranes, Lipids and Proteins in Organelle Biogenesis – Spetses, Greece 2024


Program Spetses 2024


Sunday May 26th

Afternoon         Arrival and settling in rooms

17:00-17:30     Registration

17:30-18:00      Introduction to the course – Eefjan Breukink

18:00-19:00     Talk I: the EMBO keynote lectureOrganelle stress responsesAgnieszka Chacińska

19:00                 Welcome drinks & snacks + “speed dating” to get to know each other


Monday May 27th

8:00-9:30          Breakfast

9:30-9:45          Talk II: Introduction to FEBSMutay Aslan

9:45-10:30         Talk III: Introduction to lipidsEefjan Breukink

10:30-11:00       Coffee Break

11:00-11:45         Talk IV: Lipid trafficking / recycling through the lysosomal systemDoris Höglinger

11:45-12:30         Four Short Talks – selected from abstracts: Beste Degirmenci, Trong Diep, Sandra Heinen, Selveije Ibraimi

12:30                     Mentoring Lunch & free time (e.g. to go to beach)

16:00-16:45        Talk V: Lipid Exchange Proteins And How Cells Convert Membranes Into High Definition Signaling Screens Vytas Bankaitis

16:45-17:30         Talk VI: Membrane protein folding and maturationIneke Braakman

17:30-19:00         Poster Session I & coffee (+ vote for best poster)

19:00                     Dinner


Tuesday May 28th

7:00-8:00                Pre-Breakfast Pilates

8:00-9:00                Breakfast

9:00-9:45                Talk VII: Membrane Contact Sites: Organizers of Cellular MetabolismHanaa Hariri

9:45-10:30               Talk VIII: Targeting and translocation to the ERRebecca Voorhees

10:30-11:00             Coffee Break

11:00-11:45               Talk IX: Structure, Function and Dynamics of the Nuclear Envelope – Ulrike Kutay

11:45-12:30               Four Short Talks selected from abstracts: Ilia Kalinin, Carla Kirschbaum, Mamta Mamta, Andrea Merino

12:30                           Mentoring Lunch & free time (e.g. to go to beach)

16:00-16:45             Talk X: Protein Translocation into chloroplasts Hsou-min Li

16:45-17:30              Talk XI: Mapping the ERAD Highway: An Integrated Picture of All Retrotranslocation Routes Sonya Neal

17:30-19:00             Poster Session II & coffee (+ vote for best poster)

19:00                          Dinner


Wednesday May 29th

8:00-9:00                Breakfast

9:00-9:45                Talk XII: Systematic approaches to studying organellesMaya Schuldiner

9:45-10:30               Talk XIII: Protein targeting to lipid droplets & the importance of inter-organelle communication – Bianca Schrul

10:30-11:00             Coffee Break

11:00-11:45              Talk XIV: Biophysics of ApoptosisAna García-Saéz

11:45-12:30              Four Short Talks – selected from abstracts: Iris Montes, Leja Perne, Anantha Sen Saji, Anupam Singh

12:30                          Lunch

Afternoon                Group boat trip (if weather allows & requires participation fee)

Evening                     Dinner at the school


Thursday May 30th

7:00-8:00                Pre-Breakfast Pilates

8:00-9:00                Breakfast

9:00-9:45                Talk XV: AutophagosomesFlorian Wilfling

9:45-10:30               Talk XVI: Cytosolic delivery by endosomes gone wrongTom Kirchhausen

10:30-11:00             Coffee Break

11:00-11:45               Talk XVII: Revisiting COPII in anterograde trafficking Alison Forrester

11:45-12:30               Four Short Talks – selected from abstracts: Shih-En Chou, Anil Sohail, Shota Wada, Evi Zaremba

12:30                           Lunch & free time (e.g. to go to beach)

16:45-17:30             Talk XVIII: IUBMB Plenary Lecture – Distinct types of intramitochondrial protein aggregates protect mitochondria against proteotoxic stress Johannes Herrmann

17:30-19:00              Poster Session III & coffee (+ vote for best poster)

19:00                          Dinner


Friday May 31st

8:00-9:00                Breakfast

9:00-9:45                Talk XX: IUBMB Jubilee Award Lecture – Mechanism of protein import into peroxisomes Tom Rapoport

9:45-10:30              Talk XXI: WOMEN IN SCIENCE lecture – Sonya Neal

10:30-11:00             Coffee Break

11:00-11:45              Talk XXII: Intercellular communication and the formation of cell-cell cytoplasmic bridges in plants – Emmanuelle Bayer 

11:45-12:30              Four Short Talks – selected from abstracts: Nitya Aravindan, Chandini Bhaskar Naidu, Josephine Botsch, Angel Chavez

12:30                          Lunch & free time (e.g. to go to beach)

16:00-16:45             Mentoring talk: What next? Career advice panel (3-4 scientists with open questions from students)

16:45-18:15              Poster Session IV & coffee (+ vote for best poster)

18:15-18:30              Short break

18:15-18:45             Poster Prize Award & talk of best poster (if not already given)

18:45-19:30            Student skits – Farewell words

19:30                          Farewell party with Greek BBQ

Saturday June 1st